How Can You Help?

The most important help that you, as a parent, can give your child is to work with them on their Cub Scouting adventures as they work toward their badge of rank. The Cub Scout handbook is full of age-appropriate activities; some of them you do together at home. Den meetings are designed for Cub Scouts to complete adventures that are required for them to earn their badge of rank. When you have completed a requirement at home, make sure your den leader is informed so that they can properly record it and your child can be recognized for their achievements. Your role as a parent is the secret to a successful Cub Scouting program! The den and the pack rely on parent participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership. Volunteer leaders are an example of Scouting’s principle of service to others. By volunteering in Scouting, you are also giving your child and family the gift of your time. What could be more valuable? You will have an opportunity to be a positive influence in their life and in the lives of their friends. Here are some of the ways you could volunteer:

Den Leader

Uses the Den Leader Guide and den meeting plans to lead the den at den meetings. Attends the monthly pack committee meeting .


Helps plan and carry out the pack program with the help of the pack committee. Leads the monthly pack meeting and attends the pack committee meeting.

Every Cub Scout parent or guardian is invited to become a member of the pack committee. Pack committee members perform administrative functions of the pack. The committee meets monthly and includes the responsibilities below:

Committee Chair

Presides at all pack committee meetings. Helps recruit adult leaders and attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.

Advancement Chair

Maintains advancement records for the pack. Orders and obtains all badges and insignia. Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.

New Member Coordinator

Manages the transition of new Scouts into the pack and coordinates orientation for new Scouting families. Responsible for the marketing and recruiting initiatives of the pack as well as the growth and retention of the unit


Keeps records of the pack committee meetings and communicates with families about upcoming pack events and activities.


Keeps all financial records for the pack, including the pack bank account, and gives a monthly financial report to the pack committee. Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting