Pack Meetings and Special Events

The Cub Scout pack is made up of all the dens, which meet monthly at the pack meeting, led by the Cubmaster. There are games, skits, songs, ceremonies, and presentations of achievements and badges that Cub Scouts earned during that month. This is where families can see the achievements of their Cub Scout. The pack, including families, also participates in other special events throughout the year, including:

Pinewood Derby

You can build and race a model car with your child.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Cub Scouting's Birthday Party-for all pack members and their families--takes place in February.

Camping Trips

Overnight and day camp opportunities introduce your family to the camping experience.

Service Projects

Packs may participate in food drives, conservation projects, or other community activities.

Field Trips and Special Outings

Den outings are a great way to learn about the people and places in your community.